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(2) List of Buyers!

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NAR Facts About FSBOs

95% Don't Even Have A Website For Their Home

49% Don't Even Try To Market Their Home To Buyers

What Does That Tell You? They Are Ripe For The Picking!

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fsbo training program and how to list for sale by owners.

You Simply Mail or Drop Off This Flyer.

The Flyer Offers A FSBO A Free Website.

Work With Only Those FSBOs Who Take A Free Site From You.

If you want to list a fsbo then use this flyer. This is a training program on how to list a for sale by owner.

The Site Is Free... The Site Is Useful To Any FSBO!

And the FSBO would be nuts not to take a free site from you.

That's why you only work with those FSBOs who do take the free site.

FSBO Scripts Are Included!

fsbo scripts on what to say to a fsbo to win the listing

The FSBO Gets This Free Site From You!

Free website for sale by owners and free website for private home sellers

Give The FSBO This Free Website!

1. The FSBO will use this free website while trying to sell on their own.

2. This is a real website and the FSBO has total control over this website.

3. The FSBO uses the website address in all their online and offline advertising.

4. The FSBO can even put this website address on their Yard Sign to make it easy for buyers to view the home inside their cars.

Why Would You Help The FSBO?

1. By helping in a way that really is unique you stand out from the other agents who are prospecting the FSBO.

2. The FSBO will recognize you really are different and really do want to help.

3. Plus by giving the free website allows you to stay in touch with ease to see how the sale is progressing.


fsbo scripts on what to say to a fsbo to win the listing

Facebook and fsbo scripts along with the free website for fsbos works


Impress The FSBO Even More...

Free Facebook Posts For The FSBO!

By The Way.... The FSBO Can Use Other Ad Ideas Too

And Even Put The Url of The Free Site On His Yard Sign.

FSBO scripts for free Facebok posts


  • In less than 30 seconds... the FSBO can post his free website to Facebook for local buyers to see.

  • This Facebook post is automatically created for the FSBO.

  • The FSBO needs to do absolutely nothing other than to make the post to Facebook.


All The FSBO Does Is Copy & Paste The Free Website

Address You Gave The FSBO Into The Facebook Post Area!


You Earn $27,000 Every 90 Days.

That's $108,000 Per Year On Very Little Work!


fsbo scripts helps you stand out from the crowd of agents

But What If...

1. Just 1 fsbo every 30 days is... $324,000 of income for you.

2. Just 1 fsbo every week is... $1,404,000 of income for you.

It's big money to any agent who will take it seriously.


FSBOs Offer Big Money To Any Agent Who Works Them!


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fsbo training course, fsbo training program abnd fsbo scripts for buyer leads

You Get... "Free Buyer" Leads!

buyer leads for real estate agents

Yes... You Get Buyer Leads Too!

Every Buyer Lead The FSBO Gets You Get!

1. On the FSBO site is a buyer contact form a buyer uses to contact the FSBO for whatever reason such as booking a time to view the home.

2. You get all buyer info from every buyer who contacts the FSBO without the FSBO knowing you are getting that buyer info.

3. Info includes buyer name, email address, message to the FSBO.

4. Now you can simply follow up with that buyer and see if you can sell him/her a home!

You Get... Listing Appointments!

fsbo training program abnd fsbo scripts for listing appointments

Because You Helped The FSBO... You Will Get Your Chance At Winning The Listing!

When being helpful, you are planting the right seeds to enjoy a bountiful harvest!

fsbo training program abnd fsbo scripts for request sites

You Get... This Website Too!

This Is How... You Give FSBOs A Free Site!

request site for the agent where the for sale by owner goes to request a free website

You Get This Website... It's Called A 'FBSO Request Website'!

1. What Is A FSBO Request Website

This is the website where you would ask a FSBO to visit so they could request a free website from you.

2. Simply Add The Request Website To All Your Advertising

It's very easy to direct FSBOs to the free website offer. Simply send them to your Request Site. You can do it in many ways such as: In Person, Email, Phone, Flyer, Postcard, Facebook Post, Google Ads, Your Agent Website.

fsbo training program abnd fsbo scripts for master fsbo website

You Get A Master FSBO Site For Yourself!

That Means Even More Free Buyer Leads.

master fsbo website for real estate agents

What Is A Master FSBO Website?

It's A Site That Displays All Individual FSBO Sites.

A. For Example

If you gave away 100 individual FSBO websites, then each one of these individual sites are automatically uploaded to your Master FSBO Site.

B. What Is The Purpose of A Master FSBO Site?

1. It gives you the ability to advertise your Master FSBO site.

2. By doing so you can get additional buyer and seller leads.

3. And it gives you the opportunity to inform your FSBOs that you are also helping them to sell their home though your Master FSBO site.

fsbo training program abnd fsbo scripts for fsbo marketing materials

You Get... All The Marketing Materials!

Simply Edit & Use The Marketing Materials!

Flyer for the FSBO free website

This Powerful Flyer Is Included!

Everything you need to approach FSBOs with this remarkable free website offer is also included in the service.

1. Simply download the material from inside the software.

2. All you do is add your professional information to the flyer.

3. You can use your office printer.

4. You can use a printing service like Staples.

5. You can use a local professional printing service.

postcard the agent uses when prospecting a fsbo and using a fsbo course and fsbo training program

This Postcard Design Is Also Included!

Yes we even include this beautiful postcard design too.

1. Simply download the material from inside the software.

2. All you do is add your professional information to the flyer.

3. You can use your office printer.

4. You can use a printing service like Staples.

5. You can use a local professional printing service.

Business card for the agent for the fsbo free website and fsbo course and fsbo training program

Business Cards Are Even Included!

By using these business cards you keep your entire FSBO material material consistent within a unique style.

Once again you simply edit and print.

You get A Total System To List FSBOs!

Watch Video For Detailed Information.

fsbo training program abnd fsbo scripts for bonus buyer strategy

This Powerful Bonus Strategy

Wins You Even More FSBO Listings!

strategy for prospecting a fsbo training program and fsbo course

fsbo course teaches you what to say to win fsbo listings

You Will Give FSBOs A List of Real Buyers!

fsbo training program abnd fsbo scripts for motivated buyers to impress the fsbo

Then... Show Them How To

Reach Out To Those Real Buyers.


yes I have Buyers for your home for the free fsbo website presentation guide on how to find a buyer for your home.

Simply Use This Presentation!

This will absolutely impress the FSBO about your professional abilities & willingness to help him/her to sell on their own.

1. You will produce a list of REAL BUYERS for the FSBO.

2. These are motivated buyers who must buy within 14 days.

3. You will disclose to the FSBO exactly where these buyers are found.

4. You will then discuss with the FSBO how to approach these buyers.

5. And you will continually update the FSBO with new buyers when they enter the buyer market.

Your FSBO will recognize you are an agent of excellence and when the time is ready to list... you will be considered for the job!

fsbo training program offering a free website to the fsbo course

Where Do You Get These Buyers?

We'll Show You How To Produce The List!

Our Training Video Reveals To You How To Create The List of Buyers!


Yes I have access to buyers free training program for agents when prospecting for sale by owners.

What Buyers?

1. Are you wondering where you find these buyers?

2. Not to worry... we'll show you how in our 45 Minute Training Video.

3. You will discover where to find these buyers and how to produce the list of buyers for your FSBOs.

Yes the FSBO will indeed desire to list with you!

fsbo course includes fsbo training program on a free website and buyer list for the fsbo

"Why Give The FSBO A List of Buyers?"

Watch Video Now To Find Out Why!

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